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Февраль 28, 2007

SentinelRAID 2500F как восстановить заводские установки

* Warning *

1. By performing the Restore Factory Defaults Procedure, all

the settings the user made to the controller will be

cleared. All the settings in the controller will be reset

to the factory default values.

2. This procedure will NOT perform any read/write access to

the hard drives or logical drive. However, the logical

drive LUN mapping will be cleared and it is a must to

re-map the host LUN to the logical drive/partition.

* Write Down the Current Settings First *

Please use the chapter - "Record the Settings" in the

Manual to record all the current setting before

performing the Restore Factory Deafults Procedure.

Restore Factory Deafults Procedure:

1. Power off the RAID controller.

2. Press and hold and buttons on the front

panel of the RAID subsytem, do not release the buttons.

3. Power on the RAID Subsystem, release the buttons while the

"Maintenance Mode" appears on the LCD, then press .

4. Press up/down arrow keys to choose "Restore Factory

Defaults". Press for 2 seconds to confirm.

5. "Factory Defaults Restored!" will appear on LCD.

6. Press up/down arrow keys to choose "Reset Controller",

press for 2 seconds to confirm the controller reset.

7. After the controller reset completed, the LCD will display

"ControllerModelName No Host LUN"

8. Set all the controller settings back according to the

information recorded before perform the procedure.

9. Map the Logical Drive / Partitions to the host ID/LUN again.

* Notice *

If any setting has made to the SCSI/Fibre channels, it is a must

to reset the controller to let those channel settings take


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