Июнь 28, 2020

Обмен видеофайлами и Архивация в медиа-процессах

Ведущая турецкая кинокомпания ERLER FILM выбрала Infortrend в качестве поставщика хранилищ данных на уровне PB и  установила EonStor GSe 3012T для создания системы хранения на уровне ПБ для массового обмена и архивирования видео/аудиофайлов, устраняя узкие места в медиа-процессах.
“The ever-growing data has become a challenge for today"s media industry. We wanted a supplier that we can depend on in terms of technical capability and quality. Therefore, we choose Infortrend,” – said Mr Suleyman Erdogan, Vice Technical President of Erler Film

Erler Film is one of the biggest content owners in Turkey, and over the past 59 years, it has produced films and media content. Similar to many media companies, Erler Film"s existing IT infrastructure no longer fits today"s data volumes. Because of this hurdle, the company was looking for solutions to upgrade its storage performance and capacity with guaranteed data availability. In addition, system scalability is another consideration, which allows the company to easily expand and manage the storage system to meet their business demands.

What are the challenges?

  • The capacity and performance of the previous storage system is insufficient to handle today"s ultra high definition video formats, such as 8k streams.
  • Needs to build a PB-level NAS system for non-linear video editing, media asset management, and film digitalization, including restoration and color correction.
Turkish Film Company Chose Infortrend to Build PB-Level Data Storage

What are the proposed solution?

In this project, Infortrend"s EonStor GSe 3012T series with 5 units of JB 3060GL, 4U 60-bay expansion enclosures were installed to build a NAS system that facilitates the media workflow, including video ingestion, non-linear editing, and MAM (Media Asset Management). With 280 units of 3.5-inch SAS HDDs installed, the system can provide up to 2.8PB raw capacities.

Why Infortrend?

  • Superior file-level performance: EonStor GSe provides PB-level local storage for backup and archive.
  • System expandability: The system supports up to 8PB capacity, which can meet the needs of future data growth.
  • High-port density expansion enclosures: The system supports 4U 60-bay expansion enclosures, saving valuable IT space.

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